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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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transactions of this property or acquisitions of property which will come back to the board of supervisors. the department would have no objection if the agreement was presented at the time we were looking the -- entire transaction and bringing the entire transaction back. that would be the only concern. >> so ultimately as is you are okay with it? >> yes. as long as we can bring the agreement at the same time we are bringing the rest of the transaction. >> okay. the answer to any city attorney, any dispute over that? >> no. we are saying to amend it to the agreement. >> okay. at this point let's open up to public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> let me just clarify, i know
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kevin and others know how urgent it is to develop projects and especially for housing trust fund to really kick start the development of much much needing affordable housing. you are saying you are okay with the budget analyst to recommend that we amend this as suggested to be contingent on moa to be on final agreement with that. you are okay with that? >> yes. we understand we need to get amended language to miss young very quickly. all right. can i have a motion to make the budget analyst. can we take those without opposition and the other line item as amended can we move that without opposition. congratulations on that one. mr. clerk can you call item no. 5, 6 and 7
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together. item no. 5. the clerk: airport professional services agreement elevator maintenance serves not to exceed $11 million. item no. 6: airport professional services agreement escalator electric walk maintenance services not to exceed $17 million. item no. 7. lease airport amenities business services resolution approving the airport amenities business
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services lease between airport travel agency and the city and county of san francisco acting by through its airport commissions for a 7-year term with a minimum annual guarantee. >> you have a few items here. >> thank you, kathy with the san francisco airport. i will address no. 5 and 6 together. they are very similar contracts with testing repair, testing on call emergency services with airport escalate ors and moving walkways and the garage connectors and our air train stations. the airport currently has 170 elevators that would fall under this contract as well as 133 escalators and 43 walkways and 12 escalators and
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they currently are maintained and operated under the construction contract for terminal 2. but the addition of those pieces are contemplated in both the not to exceed amounts. the contracts would be with thesen krupp elevator and not to exceed an amount of $11 million. the agreement for the escalator not to exceed $17 million. they run through december 31, 2018. they were the result of an rfp process with receiving the highest scores on the different contracts. the budget analyst
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recommended approval but i will be happy to answer any questions. >> any questions on 5 and 6. do you want to talk about 7 as well. single family -- why don't you do that? >> item no. 7 is seeking your approval for a new lease agreement with travel agency to provide passenger and amenities for a full travel agency, luggage story, shower facilities and luggage services. the proposed least -- least is for the terminal and has a term from january 1st, 2014, through december 31, '20/20. the lease has a minimum guarantee rent amount of $180,000 per year or 50 percent of gross revenues whichever is
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greater. staff estimate based on the current lease the travel agency will pay the rent. the proposed lease was a result of a competitive rate for proposal process with companies attending the prebid conference but only the airport travel agencies submitting a proposal. it was found to be responsive in receiving 86 out of the possible points. the committee recommends approval. >> any questions. okay. mr. rose, can we go to your reports. >> on item 5, the budget, page 6 of the report for the proposed 5-year agreement to maintain the airport is $11 million. we recommend that you prove that resolution. on item
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6, on page 3 1 of our report, the details to maintain the elevators and electric walks shown on table 2 of our report. rerecommend you prove the resolution. on item #8 -- item, excuse me, item 7. i'm sorry. on page 35, we note that under the existing and propose lease a t a is responsible for the greater at the minimum or
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annual fee of proposed revenues. the annual guarantee of $180,000 and that is a total of 1.2 million over the term of the lease. the minimum guarantee of $180,000, $113,000 more than under the existing lease. as miss lied ner has reported which exceed td minimum annual guarantee shown on page 3 on page 35 of your report. the estimate estimates it will continue to pay. we recommend you an approved this legislation. >> okay. thank you very much. any comments. at this point we'll open. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. we'll close those items
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5-7. we can move for approval and take that without opposition. all right. mr. clerk. call no. 9. >> the clerk: accept and spend grant defibrillator and training. resolution retruax actively authoring the fire department to accept and expend a grant in the amount of 1771, 4216789 >> i'm here to present on the next item of the agenda to expend on the department 1, 771, 4216789 the firefighters grant award through fema for
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41 defibrillators. due to cuts the department has not been able to replace many of the equipment because the department relies on so many general fund dollars. and this grant is crucial to allows the department to reinvestment to its equipment. in addition this grant will allow us to in -- increase the numbers trained and officer training in conjunction with our regional partners. the total amount of this project is $22.2 million and federal funding as well as the department match of $442,
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855. these are already allocated in the department's budget with training allocations. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> any questions, colleagues? >> okay. mr. roads, your report. >> on page 44, we propose this requires a match of funds equal to 20 percent or total combined matching funds and that is shown in table two on page 44. on page 45 of our report, we note the department of fire each defibrillator will cost $28,000 which allows for 21 new defibrillators and we recommend that you approve this resolution. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions. is there any additional public
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comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> motion to move this forward. we can do so without opposition. >> mr. clerk, do we have any items before us. >> that completes the agenda for today. >> thank you, we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> >>
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>> good afternoon, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday november 26, 2013. madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos?


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